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July 10, 2005


Mood Swings


Blogger Christopher said...

Others may share it or not, but that makes it no less tangible in your experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and moods.

July 12, 2005 8:29 PM


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Some nights you just feel as though downtown Spokane has taken your mood and adjusted itself to fit. As I walked to get groceries in Brownes Addition, dark clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall. My neighborhood was filling with those attending the Ben Harper concert at the Big Easy. (It's always amazing how accurately you can tell what genre of music a performer is playing based on the patrons attire.) It was one of those lazy Sundays with a reflective feel in the air and downtown Spokane seemed to understand this mood shift in me. Maybe that is part of what drew me to live down here, this extension of myself to my surroundings. An understanding between downtown and I. It has always been this way. I hope this insane, symbiotic relationship with downtown is felt by others.