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July 28, 2005


The Orange Colored Shoes


Anonymous Zach said...

Those are such awesome experiances. i love those little conversations with people you meet in passing. The little moment that sticks out in your mind, some sort of commonality, a shared laugh, a window into someone's life. It is a great thing.

July 29, 2005 9:07 PM


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On an ordinary Tuesday, a few years back, I encountered a woman who shared a simple story with me. A change of the light from green to blinking red brought us together on a street corner. With a smile she commented on the orange colored shoes I was wearing that day. You could see her mind diving back into a memory. She told me they reminded her of a young Russian dancer she had seen once. With orange colored shoes he danced with the movement of life flowing throuh him. "You don't forget a dancer like that and you certainly don't forget orange colored shoes," she told me. And with another change of the light our brief ecounter ended. This is why I chose the Spokurban lifestyle, you don't have an experience like that in a car.