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July 19, 2005


Quickie: Online Gamefest 2006


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Quickie on a new attraction using the SpokaneHotZone:

"What? You’ve not heard of GameFest 2006? That’s because, like a snowball, it began as a crystal of an idea over a year ago, and the snowball is just beginning to reach “snowman” size. GameFest is credited by its originating idea man, Nigel Davey, as having grown out of the Terabyte Triangle board. Davey was mulling over ideas to promote downtown Spokane, the SpokaneHotZone, and to promote economic development in general. Borrowing from the very successful HoopFest, Davey thought it quite natural to invite people to come to Spokane to play massive multiplayer on-line games (MMOG) in the SpokaneHotZone.

The Tourism Promotion area of the Convention and Visitors Bureau has award $10,000 as seed money for GameFest 2006. These funds will be used to design and produce the marketing packages for the sponsors and advertisers, attendee packets, and invitations."
[Terabyte Triangle Newsletter]

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