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July 14, 2005


Site Check: Mobius


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Excerpts from the Mobius website: "Mobius was formed by the merger of two local organizations, SciTech and the Children’s Museum of Spokane, and is dedicated to two endeavors:

Mobius Science Center - A critically needed and citizen requested science and technology center to enhance educational opportunities for lifelong learners. The Mobius Science Center will be home to nearly 75,000 square feet of science, technology, and entertainment designed to treat visitors to educational events that produce lifelong memories. [The Science Center will be on the north bank of Riverfront Park and should be completed in 2007.]

Mobius Kids - An expanded children’s museum facility located at River Park Square for early learners. It is an Inland Northwest discovery museum providing hands-on learning, creativity and fun for kids up to 10 years old. The 16,000 square-foot Mobius Kids will consist of exciting exhibits, play areas, programs and events. [Mobius Kids will be completed in the Fall of 2005.]

Our name was inspired by a Mobius Strip – a loop of material with a single twist. This creates a continuous one-sided plane and represents the endless possibilities, creativity and sustainability that the organization encourages. Mobius Strips have been used in ways ranging from industrial applications and artwork, to the basis for the universal recycling symbol."

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