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July 02, 2005


The Wish List


Blogger Brian said...

Back in the day, before the debacle known as Riverpark Square, there were two things now sorely missing from downtown: a record store (where the restaurant is now located, directly across the street from the Bloomsday statues in the park) and the "wave" mural (now consumed by the mall, somewhere near where the parking payment desk is currently). I guess I'm a fogy, but my first CDs (in longboxes!) were purchased at that record store. Need a new one downtown.

July 11, 2005 4:32 PM


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It doesn't take long to live the Spokurban lifestyle before certain amenities, both needed and wanted, begin to list themselves in your head.

Here is a list of those amentities I would like, in no particular order except the one they're in below.

  • Grocery Store
  • Art Movie House
  • Blues Venue
  • More Affordable Apartments
  • Record/CD/Video Store
  • Permanent Farmers Market
  • Light Rail Transportation
  • Dog Park