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August 16, 2005


Coyote Was Alone


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Next to the south side entrance of the Monroe Street Bridge is a poem hidden on the ground and etched into stone. This spiral artwork can be easily missed, but worth finding and reading. Here is how the poem begins (you will have to seek it out to see how it ends):
"Coyote was alone and angry because he could not find love. No. Coyote was alone and angry because he demanded love, demanded a wife from the Spokane the Coeur d'Alene the Palouse, all those tribes camped on the edge of the Spokane River, and received only laughter. So Coyote rose up with his powerful and senseless magic and smashed a paw across the water, which broke the river bottom in two, which created rain that lasted for many days and nights and which created Spokane Falls, that place where salmon traveled more suddenly than Coyote dreamed, that place where salmon swam larger than any white man imagined, but Coyote, I know you broke the river because of love. I saw you catch salmon on the falls after you had created them. I know you slept all fat and happy beside the river, and pretended it was all done by your design. Coyote, you're a liar and I don't trust you. I never have..."