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September 19, 2005


Downtown Sees Green


Anonymous Zach said...

This building has me really excited. I had heard about it. Glad you posted on it...I was curious.

September 25, 2005 10:07 AM


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[Excerpt from Zeck Butler Architects Website] "Visitors strolling through the Community Building at 35 W. Main in [Downtown] Spokane will notice a theme quickly starts to emerge.

The Center for Justice, a nonprofit law firm, is here, as is Northwest Fair Housing. The Peace and Justice Action League, Inland Northwest Land Trust and PEACH (Positive Education and Action for Children's Health) all are under this roof.

The floor plan is open, with common space stretching down the center of the building and offices branching off on the sides. The idea is that openness breeds communication, sharing of ideas and hopefully, reaching common goals. The rooftop features solar panels which fulfill 12 percent of the building's power needs, along with a garden, where tenants grow tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables."

Full Article: Community Building Expands