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September 30, 2005


Quiet Dominance


Blogger RemiO said...

What's the picture of there? I like that sign (or whatever it is.)

I'm in a position where I work (at the SCC campus) a bit further from where I live (Browne's Addition (finally).) I kinda like having some space between me and work during my time off.

Still there are both morning and lunch hours when I can imagine working downtown being a good thing.

October 01, 2005 11:30 AM

Blogger RemiO said...

And of course, just as I wrote that I saw somebody from work running outside. ¬

October 01, 2005 11:34 AM

Blogger astazio said...

The picture is of a block over on Main Street near Division. The sign if for FSG Yoga Studio. =) That area is starting to take off lately.

October 01, 2005 12:36 PM

Anonymous Zach said...

I had missed your posts. I really love that term, Quiet Dominace." I think that does an excellent job describing the buildings in so many urban settings.

Downtown Spokane is so exciting lately. Every time i go down there I just find new things and make new plans. I cant wait for the snow. It adds a whole new dimension to the downtown landscape.

October 02, 2005 10:29 AM


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It has been some time since I posted. I apologize for not keeping up. Downtown Spokane's momentum has not slowed in the least bit, but due to some personal issues with work I have had to put Spokurban lower on the list of priorities. As I contemplate looking for other work I have stepped back and looked into what is truly important to me. In the last six years I have become a true urbanite, due in a large part to my job downtown. Living and working downtown feels as though it was always my destiny. As a child I remember coming downtown with my mom for Christmas shopping. The buildings fascinated me. Their quiet dominance around every corner. Even then the atmosphere intrigued me. And so I seek peace. For even though my job may change or my living space may change I am still dedicated to doing all I can for downtown. A true passion is what fuels me to keep dedicated to this cause. And that will never change.