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October 25, 2005


Downtown Regional Entertainment Hub


Anonymous Zach said...

It drives me crazy when I hear people talk about how there is nothing to do. I mean just take a walk around downtown, look at how beautiful it is, especially this time of year...the architecture, the public art.

There are so many good restaurants, coffee shops, local theatres, galleries. What about a movie at AMC....some shopping...conversation with some stranger on the street.....there is a whole world of possibility.

I am glad that you mentioned Spokane being sort of an entertainment hub for the surrounding area. It is so true.

Hope you are well, Mr. Spokurban.

October 26, 2005 12:06 PM


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As I walked downtown this weekend I noticed a new banner advertising the month and a half run of the Lion King at the Spokane Opera House. The banner was next to the Big Easy Concert Hall in the emerging arts area known as the Davenport District. It reminded me of how much downtown Spokane is the regional hub for the arts, bringing people from Montana, Idaho, Central Washington, and even Canada to attend a concert, play, or a variety of other activities offered on any given weekend. It still amazes me that people in this city complain there is nothing to do.
[Excerpt from the Opera House Website] "Giraffes strut, birds swoop, gazelles leap! The entire savanna comes to life and, as the music soars, Pride Rock slowly rises out of the stage. This is "The Lion King." Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of animals miraculously brought to life "in a blaze of fabulous imagination" by a cast of over 40 actors. Thrill to the pulsating rhythms of the African Pridelands and an unforgettable score including Elton John and Tim Rice's Oscar® -winning "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". Treat yourself and your friends and family to a memory that will last a lifetime at the musical Time Magazine calls "awe-inspiring! A gorgeous, gasp-inducing spectacle!"

link: The Lion King

[Excerpt from the Big Easy Website] "World-class performers and state of the art sound and lighting make this 1,500-capacity concert venue come alive almost every night of the week. When it's not buzzing with great concerts from touring national acts, The Big Easy also features dance club nights and other special events that keep the crowds rocking into the wee hours. And you can always see what's happening on stage or on the dance floor thanks to a sophisticated live-action video system, including 2 giant monitors on each side of the stage and video screens throughout the venue."

link: The Big Easy