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December 27, 2005


B.M.I.A. at S.P. in the D.H.


Blogger sillypants said...

Loving your blog...I didn't know they had Internet Service in Spokane ( har har)

Will keep reading !!


December 29, 2005 3:51 PM


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One of the hardest phone calls to receive is from a spa informing you that your pedicure will have to be cancelled due to a BMIA. (Beautician Missing In Action.) This was the predicament I found myself in when I answered a call from Spa Paradiso this morning. Though they were great about lining up another slot for my feet to be beautified, I had to pass. A group of friends had decided to get pedicures and manicures together and it just wasn't going to be the same without them.

Though I was not able to get my first pedicure, I did get to cross another to-do item off my list: lunch at the Palm Court Grill, situated on the first floor of The Davenport Hotel. The food was nothing to write home about, but the atmosphere left you with no choice but to enjoy the company around you. This gives credit to the main floor being once dubbed Spokane's living room. With the restaurant, the lounge, the coffee bar, the cities finest bathrooms, and two levels of open seating you can see why so many feel so comfortable. This is a must see for locals and visitors alike.