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February 28, 2006


Bloomsday's New Cattle Tags


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[Bloomsday News] "After nearly three decades and over 1,140,000 finishers, the Lilac Bloomsday Run is undergoing a major operational overhaul that will change the way participants are timed, as well as the way they start and finish.

'For thirty years our volunteers have done an outstanding job of managing the start and finish so every finisher receives an accurate time and place,' said Lilac Bloomsday Association President Al Odenthal. 'But this year we’re adopting a new timing system that will work even better in recording how long it takes runners, joggers and walkers to get from the start to the finish.'

The new system employs a computer chip 1-1/2 inches wide that attaches to the ankle of each participant. When the chip crosses over a series of mats at the start, timing is initiated for that participant using radio frequency identification. Another series of mats at the finish record the finishing time, and a net time for the individual is computed. Using this system, delays getting to the start do not impact the time recorded for each finisher."

Full Article: Bloomsday '06 Off and Running!