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March 25, 2006


Brooklyn's Split Personality


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[Excerpt from Spokane 7] "Jody Harville recently reopened Brooklyn Deli and a new beer and wine bar, Brooklyn Nights, without her longtime business partner, roommate, best friend and mother, Linda Shepard, by her side.

Brooklyn Nights, the nighttime side of Brooklyn Deli, opened on Feb. 8, three months after remodeling began at 122 S. Monroe St.

But Brooklyn Nights hadn't been open for a week when Harville found her mother's body on the deck at their home. She died Feb. 12 of unknown causes. Shepard was 56 years old.

While many people would collapse under such weight, Harville took a little more than a week off before reopening the deli and bar.

'She always wanted to have a bar, and this was her next step. She was really looking forward to it,' Harville said of her reasons to reopen the Brooklyns after her mother's death. 'I have to. This is her life, and I have to continue on with it. She wouldn't want me to have it any other way.' "

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