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March 26, 2006


Here Comes The Beef


Anonymous kev said...

"upscale" and "steakhouse" are an odd combo as far as i can tell, after all, any maroon can do steak, perhaps overpriced is a better term. The sizes are laughable too--way old school--a porterhouse starting at 28 oz, last I heard that was equal to almost 5 regular servings. I guess it goes back to the originality theme for the 'new' downtown-where is it when we need it?

March 27, 2006 12:33 PM


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[Excerpt from Spokane Business Journal] "Part of a downtown Spokane building that once housed elegant home furnishings soon will become a destination for lovers of fine steaks.

Former Ridpath Hotel General Manager Bill Alles is planning an upscale steakhouse, to be called Churchill’s, that will be located in part of the old Joel Inc. home-furnishings store space, at 165 S. Post.

As currently planned, the first-floor space would house an 80-seat dining area and kitchen, and the basement would house a 70-seat bar.

As envisioned, Churchill’s will be a formal restaurant that serves U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified prime beef dishes, featuring beef from Midwestern cattle, Alles says. The average meal price will be in the upper $30 range, and cuts of meat will be slightly larger than typical—porterhouse steak will start at 28 ounces, and T-bone steaks will start at 24 ounces.

The basement bar will be a “raw bar” that will serve fresh oysters, steamed clams, and other seafood items, such as stone crab claws, when they’re in season."

Full Article: New Upscale Steakhouse Set Downtown