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March 03, 2006


Quickie: Magic Lantern To Glow Again


Anonymous Zach said...

The idea of a theatre showing indie and art house films is really exciting. It is something I have hoped would come to the area.

I love going up to the Panida and catching movie at the Met every now and then, but something like the Magic Lantern is exciting.

March 03, 2006 12:17 PM


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[The Inlander] ", though it seems a bit odd, any indie theater wanting to break into Spokane needs to do so with an eye on AMC and with the intention of exploring new ways of showing art films. Those behind the Magic Lantern — which is reopening in the Saranac Hotel this fall, according to Dave Sanders, the building liaison — say they want to do just that. Noting the difficulties of past attempts, the current problems the Met has had and even the ongoing fiscal troubles of giant chains like Regal Cinemas, the latest incarnation of the troubled Spokane icon has realigned itself as a nonprofit called the Magic Lantern Film Society. They've done so in order to cut overhead, avoid paying certain fees associated with for-profit theaters and to shift the focus from money-making to community building."

Full Article: Magic Model