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April 15, 2006


Lorinda Knight Gallery


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Lorinda Knight Gallery is my favorite art gallery downtown. It is a simple space that gives full glorly to the works on display. Each month a new main exhibit is unveiled while the second floor features works by various artists. Make sure to get on their mailing list to receive monthly post cards promoting the new exhibits.
[Excerpt From Lorinda Knight Gallery Website] "Many of the best contemporary artists in the northwest exhibit their work at the Lorinda Knight Gallery in Spokane, Washington. The gallery represents about 40 artists and carries their work in stock and on view on the mezzanine on a continuing basis. The feature exhibits, which change monthly, take full advantage of the space and light of the gallery located in the heart of the Davenport Arts District.

Lorinda Knight selects artists who have a unique vision and continue to explore new possibilities in their work. The quality level of the art is always high and the range of expression is wide. With a background in interior design, the director understands the need to find the right work of art for each person. When you live with art, you find new things in it all the time. It is also important to offer exhibits that challenge the public and the artists who live in the region. The experience of seeing art is the primary motivation that draws a wide range of people to the gallery each month."