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April 10, 2006


Sleeping Up The Blogging Ladder


Blogger David Blaine said...

I am glad you found my site. Thanks to Spokane's Blogfather Remi I have you loaded into my Google reader. Memories of the Taco Time go hand in hand with timeless afternoons at The Metro Cafe. When I was in high school all the Wavers and Skate Punks (translate: Goths and Emo Kids) hung out in that secret corner of the skywalk. I never liked the Violent Femmes but I liked the girls who did.
And before I get flamed. I do like the Violent Femmes now and even more so 16 Horsepower.

April 10, 2006 11:11 AM

Blogger astazio said...

Remi? The BlogFather? I love it. He has been great about connecting all of Spokane through the blogosphere. Glad I found your blog too. Keep up the good work.

April 10, 2006 11:19 AM

Blogger RemiO said...

I am known for putting horse heads in people's beds after all.

Also Violent Femmes are great.

April 10, 2006 12:33 PM


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I get most of my downtown news from doing two things everyday. Waking up with another public figure in my bed and taking pictures to use as blackmail later. Well maybe not. (*Wink Cherry Rodgers).

Actually my two sources are Google for various downtown activiy and simply walking around with my camera to check out new construction.

This morning I found the new Steelhead Bar & Grille under construction in the space next to Mizuna. Die-hard Spokurbanites know the location as the former two level Taco Time location. (It was wicked-sweet).

With a Google search I found The Back Kitchen, a great blog on the Spokane food scene that I will be listing in my sidebar. It gives a few tidbits about Steelehead here.

So the lesson learned? Downtown Spokane + Google = A Good Thing.