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May 07, 2006


Jensen-Byrd's Phoenix Rising?


Anonymous Zach said...

Wow. The Phoenix Project would be an incredible addition to the city. I really love the concept.

May 08, 2006 12:06 AM


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The rallying to save old buildings in Spokane never ceases to amaze me. Though we already have a high perccent of older buildings that have been saved and restored, Spokane doesn't want to let any slip through the cracks. In the Inlander this week the latest building looking to be saved is the WSU owned Jensen-Byrd building in the University District. A group looking to save the building has proposed the Phoenix Project which combines the idea of a permanent Farmers Market while creating a mini-Silicon Valley. Check out the article below and then make sure to join the forum discussion on the building at Spokurban Forums.

[Excerpt From The Phoenix Project] "The Phoenix Project will kick-start Spokane’s University District by combining in a single location all the elements needed for creativity to thrive. It would be like Seattle’s Pike Place Market on the ground floor with a mini-Silicon Valley on the floors above.

Imagine a place filled with color and music, where you can watch potters and glassblowers and bread bakers at work, or buy fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers from the farmer who grew them.

Imagine a place where you can see great movies that never seem to show up at the multiplex, or make and edit your own movie.

Imagine a place where you can try out your great idea, whether it’s a Japanese soba shop or the next Google, and get the help you need to succeed.

Imagine a place where local residents mingle with visitors from around the region and around the world; where students and faculty from area universities mix with artists, writers, filmmakers, craftspeople, and musicians who share office space and ideas and referrals."

Link: The Phoenix Project
Article: Reclaiming History
Forum: The Phoenix Project