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May 05, 2006


Such A Tease Am I


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Sorry for less frequent posts as of late. It is a busy life this Spokurbanite leads. A change is coming, but not quite yet. And since I know everyone loves suprises, I am going to keep it a secret for a little while longer.

Until then make sure to check out First Friday tonight (and specifically this bloggers photography exhibit at Gina's Design Corner at 1 North Browne Downtown...oh how I love a plug). And if that wasn't enough, Cinco De Mayo is gracing us tonight as well. Make sure to be safe out there, choose a designated driver, and try avoiding the pain of beer goggles.

And if de Cinco and de Astazio doesn't wear you out you can always run this little local race they are trying to promote this year called Bloomsday's which plays out this Sunday. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do!