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May 02, 2006


Taste Everything Once...Or Else


Blogger RemiO said...

Well you know, I just help you out to get my ego stroked. ;-*

May 02, 2006 11:30 AM

Blogger astazio said...

I figured it had something to do with that. ;-)

May 02, 2006 12:21 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Wow! Thanks for the plug! It means a lot coming from someone with such insight into what's happening in Spokane.

May 03, 2006 4:56 AM


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Local blogger Remi had set the bar for blogs in the Inland Northwest with remi1000. But it looks like he and his wife Jennifer may have out done themselves and raised the bar with the launch of a new website for Taste Everything Once, a blog dedicated to the Spokane food and restaurant scene.

I can't say enough about the new site. Beautiful graphics, great design, and most of all useful and entertaining content. Not only do you get reviews on various eating establishments around town but the website also offers forums, calendars, and soon video and audio podcasts. Check it out, one more reason that Spokane rocks.

(*On a side note I have to give a shout out and big thanks to Remi for always answering my desperate e-mails about how to format my own blog.)