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May 12, 2006


Who The Hell Pissed Off The Seagulls?


Anonymous Tom said...

That's happened to me before, when I was riding my bike. Right in my eye. Ugh.

May 12, 2006 10:31 AM

Blogger Karla said...

I'm curious, Astazio--are there a lot of seagulls up there? Because I was about to be happy that I'm moving away from them! I hope Spokane does not have as many as Monterey does. PS loved the use of the word dollop, usually reserved for sour cream or butter, now expanded to seagull crap, bravo!

May 12, 2006 10:42 AM

Blogger astazio said...

Lol. Thanks Karla. Dollop was the word I finally decided to use to explain my misfortune. There are not that many seagulls in town actually. And almost all of them are just near the river downtown since a lot of people feed the birds.

May 12, 2006 10:44 AM

Anonymous Dobe said...

That is what happens when you do not tell your friend what time you want to go to the show! :]

May 12, 2006 12:01 PM


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10:47 AM, Downtown Spokane. On a leisurely walk to Riverfront Park I am thrown off guard when, from high above, I am assaulted with a dollop of bird poo. Through squinting eyes I see the culprit, a seagull flying high, and I am almost sure he's wearing a grin. What did I ever do to this poor seagull swirling in the sky that he feels he needs to crap on me? For that matter what heinous crime was committed that has pissed off all seagulls downtown that they have to crap wherever they see fit? It must have been a pretty cruel joke that was played on them to feel they need to shit all over everything. You may have won this one Mr. Seagull. But I will have my revenge. Mark my words.