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June 19, 2006


Just A Few Feathers


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So it seems a few feathers have been ruffled in regards to my previous post about some shaky ground that those behind the Vox Tower and Havermale Park project may be on. I received a comment asking how this sort of news fits in with the rest of the positive "vibe" on

The point of the post was to get a dialogue going on what people felt about half completed or never started projects and how they effectively keep downtown from being a vibrant place to go. Havermale Park was only one example, but many other projects are also keeping downtown from its full potential. You don't have to look any further than the Mohawk and Rookery mess to see the negative effects an unfinished project can have on surrounding people and businesses.

We can all agree that we are thankful for those who are putting their money and resources into building downtown, but we also have to remember to take the news of a new project with a grain of salt as it may never come to pass or it may fall short of completion.

Those who would like to voice their thoughts or concerns on the topic check out The Vox Just A Pipe Dream?

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