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August 13, 2006


Just Around The Corner


Blogger astazio said...

Check out a photo of Lolo Boutique in the Spokurban Forums.

August 14, 2006 5:09 PM

Anonymous michelle said...

oh excellent, now I know what that little alley patio thing belongs to and who to attribute it to.


August 15, 2006 8:06 PM


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One of the perks of my new internship at Thinking Cap, aside from doing the work I have such a passion for, is getting to explore the east side of downtown. (My last job kept me mostly in the heart of downtown.) Though I usually scour local publications and online resources for downtown news, there is nothing like finding the changes happening right before your eyes during a walk.

Last week I stumbled upon the new Lolo Boutique on Second Avenue. I had read the blurb about its opening but had not known exactly what neighborhood it was going to be in. It turns out it is around the corner from Vino!, Spirit Skate Shop, and the soon to be Sauder's Cheese Market.

To be honest this area of downtown needs a definite facelift. It has very few new buildings and the older ones have been let go. And though Vino! had brought me over to this side of downtown before, it wasn't an area I usually thought to check out.

But the way things are going it may turn into a quaint locale filled with smaller shops, boutiques, and specialty services. So far downtown has needed bigger projects like the Riverpark Square Mall or Davenport Hotel to jump start change, but it is nice to see an area that can support smaller more specialized businesses. That creates the truly urban experience of finding that perfect little shop just around the corner.

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